Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Studio 3xd provides Pay-Per-Click Management services and specializes in Google AdWords and Bing platforms. If you are looking for quick results and have a budget in mind then PPC is the way to go as an additional services or the first thing you do to promote your business online. 

What is Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC)

Pay-Per-Click in simple terms is when you pay for ads that appear in specific places such as Google or Bing that promote your products or services. Users of those services click the ads to visit your website, product page or landing page and you only pay when they "click through" to your website. 

Top 5 Benefits of Pay-Per-Click

  1. Manageable Budget - We can set the target budget daily, or monthly
  2. You get what you pay for - You only pay for clicks and no impressions (views of the ads)
  3. Measurable Results - We can track the success of every Campaign, Ad & Keyword
  4. Targeting - We can target the region, time of day and demographic we serve your ads to
  5. PPC Accomplished multiple goals - PPC drives traffic, promotes exposure & adds SEO value

When to start using PPC

PPC has minimal start up costs and is quick to set up so if you are serious about promoting your business and your site has been SEO optimized and is ready to go, then the time is right to start a PPC campaign.
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