Internet Marketing Services

Studio 3xd recognizes the fact that once we build a website, we need to let people know it's there. That is where our wide offering of Internet Marketing services comes into play. We find the right service or a combination of services that promote your website to the right audience and accomplish your goals.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

What sets Studio 3xe apart from other firms is we build Search Engine Optimization into every site we build from the beginning. There is a certain level of basic SEO that we apply to every new site we build but SEO needs to evolve and grow over time so you can always do more.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

When you have a dedicated marketing budget set aside and are looking for immediate, quantifiable results then PPC is the way to go. Studio 3xd specializes in creating and managing PPC campaigns that generate leads, sell products or promote your services,

Email Marketing

Targeted Opt-In Email Marketing is one of the most effective ways to communicate with customers, promote new products and services and promote your business or organization. If your goals are to build a community and increase traffic to your web properties then email is a great way to do it.
Studio 3xd works with a number of Email Service Providers (ESPs) and designs the emails, manages the sending and tracks the results of your campaigns.

Social Networking Services

Once you have your website built, another excellent way to promote your business or organization is through Social Networking channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter.
Studio 3xd provides Social Network consulting and we will teach you how to set these services up, populate them with great content and help you manage them into the future.

Social networks can be great tools but you need help to make the most of them.