Email Marketing

Studio 3xd provide email marketing services on a variety of platforms and services. We will choose the right Email Service Provider (ESP) for the job, design the email templates, send the campaigns and measure the results. We take your existing lists and grow them or put technology in place to establish that opt-in email list from your website and social networks.

How Email Marketing Works

If email marketing is done correctly, it's not spam. Email marketing must adhere to can-spam laws in the way email addresses are collected and sent to. It's not complicated, it just has to be done in order to be effective. Most email service providers will help this process along and keep your campaign compliant. Once an email template has been designed, a list provided to send to, then the next step is to send the campaign and review the results. There is a little more to it, but that is a summary of the process. 

Email Marketing Benefits

  • Contact your customers directly to promote new products or services
  • Keep your business, brand or organization fresh in peoples mind
  • Drive more traffic to your website 
  • Up-sell and cross-sell your products or services
  • Increase Conversions, Leads and Awareness
  • Efficiently market to people who have requested your correspondence
  • Share news and happenings with your business or organization
  • Increase likes and followers of your social network profiles
  • Metrics - We can track opens, clicks & conversions

How Much does Email Marketing Cost

Email marketing is very cost effective. Sending one email costs somewhere in the range of half a cent to 1 cent to send. Also, what needs to be considered is the fact those receiving the emails have "opted-in" to receive email from you business because they are genuinely interested in your organization, products or services. A normal email campaign can be developed and designed in a few hours and most of the associated costs are on the initial setup and build out. Ongoing costs level out from month to month and can be easily included into a marketing budget and tracked for effectiveness over time. 

Email Marketing Services

  • Consultation on developing your email list 
  • List Cleaning Services (determining good and bad email addresses)
  • Email Template Creation
  • Campaign Coordination (determining what & who to target, frequency of sends etc.)
  • Email Sending & Metrics (Testing, Sending, Tracking and Consultation on Email Campaign results)