About Studio 3xd

 Studio 3xD Corp. was founded by Michael Klug in 2002 in order to help small businesses establish affordable web sites and applications they can really use.

Michael Klug is an IT veteran who has had the fortune of working with many successful companies such Met Life Insurance, Accenture, Leadership Directories and Infusion E-Business in a variety of technical and creative roles. He understands what it takes to manage large scale IT projects as well as small business challenges. Also, he has had the pleasure of working with many non-for-profit organizations as well such as Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, Autism Speaks & Sing To Live, helping these organizations grow and achieve their goals.

Michael brings all that experience to every project he works on for Studio 3xd. No project is too big or too small.

Studio 3xd provides enterprise class service on a small business budget.

Studio 3xd provides high quality, professional web site design & development services at affordable rates that small businesses and non-profits can afford. The goal of Studio 3xd is to build long lasting relationships with it's customers and when they grow, we grow by providing enterprise quality software solutions, smart Internet Marketing ideas on time and within the budget of every customer we service.

We know starting and sustaining a small business can be hard. So, we handle all the complicated IT stuff for our customers so they can manage their businesses and do what they do best.

Website Design & Development Services

Studio 3xd has been designing and developing web sites since 1999 and has worked with hundreds of corporate, non-profit and small business customers with great success.

Studio 3xd specializes in Content Management Systems (CMS) that allow customers to manage the day to day maintenance of website content updates that most companies charge expensive fees to make themselves. Studio 3xd puts the power and control into the hands of the customer which allows us to concentrate on the complexities of Internet Marketing and driving traffic to your website, generate leads and accomplish your business objectives.

Studio 3xd's preferred CMS is Joomla. Joomla is the world's most popular CMS platform and it allows Studio 3xd to provide beautiful websites at affordable process with feature sets.

We make sure the client understands every step in the process and is comfortable with any work we carry out and the associated costs.

Hosting Services

Studio 3xd provides award winning hosting services by partnering with some of the best hosting providers and data centers in the country. Our hosting providers guarantee 99% up time, provide daily backups, reliable hosting and email services at affordable prices. You can always give us a call or drop us an email with questions or issues.  

Studio 3xd interfaces directly with the host you never have to worry about the technical details of web hosting, unless you want to. We will handle everything for you from domain names to email.

A Winning Combination of Services

This combination of years of experience, powerful platforms and partners coupled with Internet marketing savvy make Studio 3xd an excellent choice for small business and non-for-profits looking to establish a long term relationship with company that will be around for years to come and provide quality services at a fair prices.

Contact Studio 3xd today for quote on your next project.